4 mins read

Are You Jealous of Your Nanny?

I’ve been very very lucky to find the best nanny in town for our family — she’s everything and more and in a short time, has become part of our family. Her daughter and son come visit my 7-month-old baby, they come on saturday just to say hi, she helps us tremendously. She goes above and beyond her job, which is to take care of our baby. She’s amazing.

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OMG. You Changed a Diaper Where???

So the other night a few girlfriends and I went to dinner with our babies and of course, as soon as we sat down my seven-month old had the dirtiest diaper you’ve ever seen (and smelled). So…I trekked upstairs to the woman’s restroom in my high heels and discovered there was NO place to change her. My options were as follows: On the toilet seat (Ew!), on the floor (even worse), or in my lap while I was sitting on the toilet. Since the last one seemed the least dirty, that’s what I ended up doing. It was still an adventure given the fact that this was a verrrrry dirty diaper….Yikes. We then asked other moms what the craziest place was they’ve changed a diaper and some of the answers definitely beat mine! Kind of made me feel better for leaving my diaper bag with all my fancy accessories at home that day. Sometimes, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do…Here are some of the most creative answers: