OMG. You Changed a Diaper Where???
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OMG. You Changed a Diaper Where???

So the other night a few girlfriends and I went to dinner with our babies and of course, as soon as we sat down my seven-month old had the dirtiest diaper you’ve ever seen (and smelled). So…I trekked upstairs to the woman’s restroom in my high heels and discovered there was NO place to change her. My options were as follows: On the toilet seat (Ew!), on the floor (even worse), or in my lap while I was sitting on the toilet. Since the last one seemed the least dirty, that’s what I ended up doing. It was still an adventure given the fact that this was a verrrrry dirty diaper….Yikes. We then asked other moms what the craziest place was they’ve changed a diaper and some of the answers definitely beat mine! Kind of made me feel better for leaving my diaper bag with all my fancy accessories at home that day. Sometimes, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do…Here are some of the most creative answers:

On An Airplane

Cinthia Blaufuss: “LOL! I had to change a poopy diaper in an airplane bathroom with a toddler and I made him stand up!! Gross and tight quarters! Didn’t know there was a changing table behind the toilet. Not sure if I would have used it even if I knew it was there.”
Shannon Worosz Brown: “Sitting in my seat on an airplane b/c the line for the bathroom was too long. It was a very stinky over flowing diaper too.”
Yvette Martinez Holguin:”On the floor on an air plane.”

In a Gas Station

Fayanne Thorngate
With my daughter standing in the sink of a gas station bathroom-a very messy one!
Kristi Danyluk Kocherkewych: “Front seat of my car at a gas station parking lot!!”
Heather Johnson: “I’ve changed one on my lap and Ive changed one on the counter of gas station bathroom in the middle of nowhere because they had no changing table and on the bleachers at my husbands indoor soccer game. Sometimes you gotta improvise. :)”

At Saks Fifth Avenue!

Kim Mason:
In Sak’s 5th Ave (NYC). .. on the floor in the shoe section.. back in the days when they didnt have a changing table and I refused to change him on the bathroom floor 😉

At the Circus???

Janine Cecchini Felice DiFonzo: “In madison square garden at the ringling brothers the stadium seats that keep flipping up..crap everywhere..”

In the Stroller

Cindy Faison: “In a stroller next in line to see Santa Claus. My little guy was about 1 1/2 years old, had stood in line for 1 hour and went stinky through the diaper all over his outfit and all over my husband.”
Darene Feteih: “In the stroller :S the mall had no changing table and i wouldn’t change my son on the floor (really dirty) so i had no choice but to change him in the stroller uuuh messy messy.”

At Six Flags

Kim Stockschlader: “I was in the middle of Six Flags Great Adventure and the rest of the family was on a ride. Baby needed a diaper change ASAP. I am in a wheel chair. I put the legs all the way up like I was in a recliner and pulled her out of her stroller and changed her on my lap right ther in front of one of the roller coasters. Not easy but got the job done.”

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