After Effects of a Vasectomy
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After Effects of a Vasectomy

Maybe you have decided your family is complete and want your husband to get a vasectomy. This procedure can give you both peace of mind and bring a sense of freedom to your sex life. Although just the thought of this procedure may cause many men to go weak in the knees, the recovery time is fairly short and usually uneventful. Knowing what to expect after a vasectomy can help you and your husband prepare for the procedure and plan for a restful recovery.


Infertility is the reason for the procedure. The University of Maryland Medical Center advises you to continue using another form of birth control for about three months after the procedure to avoid getting pregnant. Your doctor may want to test the semen for sperm before you discontinue your back-up birth control.


Discomfort is usually limited to a few days duration. Help your mate minimize his pain by keeping him off his feet for the first few days. The Mayo Clinic recommends avoiding lifting and heavy work during the first week. A scrotal support or tight underwear may also relieve some discomfort.


Swelling often accompanies pain after a vasectomy. Help your husband reduce the swelling by bringing him an ice pack. Icing the scrotal area for about 20 minutes each hour can minimize the swelling. Wrap your ice pack or ice cubes in a towel and continue periodic icing throughout the first 48 hours of recovery. Report any prolonged swelling or an increase in swelling to your doctor.


Bleeding beneath the skin may cause bruising. The entire scrotum may appear slightly discolored from bruising. You can expect the bruising to lighten in color and fade within several days. Aspirin and ibuprofen may cause an increased risk for bruising and post-surgical bleeding. Have your husband avoid these types of painkillers for a few days after the vasectomy.


Don’t worry; this is only for a short time. The Mayo Clinic recommends avoiding sexual activities during the first seven days after the vasectomy. Ejaculation during this time may contain traces of blood.

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