What to Expect During Your First Month of Pregnancy
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What to Expect During Your First Month of Pregnancy

You are pregnant. You have just gotten on a roller coaster ride unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, with ups and downs, twists and turns, a great feeling of excitement during and an even greater feeling of satisfaction at the end. Along with the countless thoughts and feelings you are having, there will also come some physical changes, too. Although not every pregnancy is the same, many women share some common pregnancy experiences. It helps to know what to expect during your first month of pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes

Your hormones can know that you are pregnant before you do. Within two weeks of conception, your hormones are telling your body to nourish the baby. You will probably feel this early hormonal change in your breasts, according to the Mayo Clinic. Your breasts will feel sensitive, fuller and heavier.

Morning Sickness

Your first two weeks is also when the morning sickness, meaning the nausea, will start in some women. If you get this, you will feel queasy, nauseous and will sometimes vomit. Morning sickness is usually only in the morning, hence the name. However, some women experience it all day. Usually, nausea will stop after the first trimester. Eat small meals during this time. Saltine crackers are good. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest or anything that makes your symptoms worse. You may also be constipated.

Get Some Rest

You will need to slow down and rest during this period. Your body is preparing for the pregnancy. Get some exercise, but be sure and rest, too. Feeling dizzy is not uncommon. This is due to stress, fatigue and hunger. If you are getting dizzy, avoid standing for long periods. Get up slowly from a sitting or lying down position.

Emotions Run Amok

If you thought you were an emotional person before, you did not know the half of it. Besides being awash with feelings that run the gamut from exhilaration, nervousness, anxiety and delight, you will be exhausted and stressed from the unknown. You are apt to experience mood swings to cope with what is happening to your body and how your life will be after the baby comes. Take comfort in knowing that this is all normal and part of being pregnant.

What the Baby is Like

During your first month of pregnancy, your baby is an embryo and resembles a tadpole. His major systems and organs are forming, as well as his eyes and ears. Tiny buds, which will be the arms and legs, appear too. His heart is beating.

Prenatal Care

You need to get regular prenatal care starting at this time. You can choose a family doctor, an obstetrician or a midwife. Your first visit will be to assess your health to treat you, based on your needs. This will be your longest appointment. You will begin going in for regular checkups after the initial visit.

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