The Differences Between a First & Second Pregnancy
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The Differences Between a First & Second Pregnancy

You did it once before. You overcame those nine months and gave birth. Back then, you were completely clueless and sought advice about everything. Now you are a veteran, aware of your body, your abilities and your expectations. Still, you should be aware that your first and second pregnancies have some inherent differences. Be aware of those differences, and prepare yourself to do it all again.

Your Body

During your first pregnancy, your body went through a great deal. Your uterus and the skin around it stretched to make a home for your baby. They may not fully return to their former state after your first pregnancy. As your body prepares for your second pregnancy, it may stretch out again, acting as an early telltale sign of your pregnancy. You are probably aware of the symptoms and feelings of your pregnant body. You might discover you are pregnant even sooner than you did with the first pregnancy.

Your Schedule

During your first pregnancy, you may have had a husband, a career, a pet or other responsibilities. What you probably didn’t have was a toddler or a child to care for. Now you do. Your new schedule might exacerbate some of the exhaustion and morning sickness you feel. Being organized and prepared can help you schedule a nap or early bed time and get together a healthy meal that doesn’t make you queasy. During this busy time, you may want to turn to your resources, even if you denied their help the first time around.

Your Family

During your first pregnancy, you and your partner were preparing for an entirely new chapter in life. During this second pregnancy, you two may feel well prepared. However, there is one whose world will be rocked. Your first born will need some attention and conversations, depending on his age, to get ready for this change in his life. Don’t forget that it is now the three of you preparing for this arrival.

Your Complications

The joy of a second pregnancy is the experience you bring to the situation. You are prepared to discuss with your medical practitioners which complications and problems you suffered before. While this may bring peace through preparation, it may also bring fears as you worry about experiencing it all again. Remember that while complications are more likely to be repeated in the second pregnancy, they are not guaranteed. Bring your wisdom and an open mind to this pregnancy and to labor.

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