Hand Pain & High Blood Pressure
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Hand Pain & High Blood Pressure

Hand pain and high blood pressure are potentially serious conditions in themselves but they are especially serious when they occur together, according to the National Diabetes Clearinghouse and the American Heart Association. Determining what is causing your hand pain and/or high blood pressure is an important step, as sometimes these symptoms indicate a life-threatening situation.

Serious Causes

When hand pain and high blood pressure occur together, it can mean a possible heart attack or limb damage related to uncontrolled diabetes, according to the National Diabetes Clearinghouse and the American Heart Association. Both conditions can be fatal if not treated, so getting prompt medical attention is essential when these symptoms occur together.


Women are less likely than men to actually suffer a heart attack after experiencing hand pain and high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association. However, women who suffer a heart attack are far more likely to die than men going through the same medical crisis. Death from a heart attack, especially among women, can happen even a few weeks after surviving the initial crisis. However, keep in mind that more than 83 percent of the people who die from coronary problems are over the age of 65.

High Blood Pressure Risks and Treatment

Even if high blood pressure isn’t accompanied by the hand or chest pain often associated with a heart attack, uncontrolled hypertension can still kill even younger women, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Kidney failure, strokes and blindness can also result from high blood pressure. Moms who suffer from high blood pressure may need to take daily medication, even when their blood pressure reads normally, and should consider lifestyle changes such as a lower-salt diet and more exercise.

Cause of Hand Pain

Hand pain, whether or not accompanied by high blood pressure, can be caused by a number of factors including injuries, too many repetitive activities such as typing, or another illness, according to MedlinePlus. Poor nutrition can also cause unwanted hand pain or numbness.

Hand Pain Prevention and Treatment

A healthy diet is a good prevention tool, according to MedlinePlus. Sometimes treatments for excessive hand pain include prescription medications, or, in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery might be required. Serious hand pain can also indicate multiple sclerosis or even a stroke, so check in with your doctor if the problem doesn’t go away.

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