How to Treat an Oil Burn on Your Hand
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How to Treat an Oil Burn on Your Hand

If you often find yourself in the kitchen–like most moms–you are probably going to have to deal with how to treat an oil burn on your hand at some point. This often happens when you are frying foods on the stove. Most oil burns that you get from cooking are minor burns that you can treat at home, but if the burn is accompanied by severe pain and immediate blisters, you may want to get to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Treat An Oil Burn

Step 1

Run your hand under cold water. Get the water as cold as you can get it, but you do not want to apply ice to the area. Cold water cools down the area to prevent further burning. Ice, however, could do more harm by causing freezer burns. Keep your hand under the running water for as long as possible, up to 10 minutes.

Step 2

Remove any jewelry from your hands. If the burned area is close to your wedding rings or a bracelet, take those off as you are running your hand under water. There’s a chance that your skin could swell and jewelry could irritate the skin and cause infection.

Step 3

Apply some aloe vera gel. This is not required, but doing this could soothe some of the pain of the burn. It works best if you keep it in the refrigerator.

Step 4

Cover the burn with plastic wrap. The smooth texture of the wrap won’t irritate the burn as it is trying to heal and can block out infection. Put the wrap around the injured part. Use tape to secure it in place.

Step 5

Allow blisters to resolve on their own. It’s common for blisters to appear after a day or two. The blister should go away within a week.

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