Anniversary Date Night Ideas
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Anniversary Date Night Ideas

Whether it is your first or your 15th anniversary, you want to make the night special. Keep the tastes of your spouse or boyfriend in mind when planning your date night. Even if you want a big, expensive night, he may want something simple and low key, such as dinner at the place you first met.

Go on a Picnic

If your anniversary falls during the warmer months of the year, you are in luck. Pack a picnic basket with fancy sandwiches, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider and a blanket. Bring along a small boom box or MP3 player and speakers to play your special songs on. Head out to the local park, beach or other special outdoor place a few hours before the sunset. After you have eaten your sandwiches and the sun has gone down, lie on the blanket together, look at the stars and remember your special day. If you see any shooting stars, make a wish.

Re-Create Your First Date

Get a reservation at the place you first ate dinner together. You can try to order the same meals if you like or you can try a different dish to move forward as you reminiscence. If you didn’t go to dinner on your first date, go to the place where you had it. If your first date was a movie, you can either rent the movie you saw or see a different film in the same theater. If your spouse gave you flowers on the first date, turn the tables and present him with the same flowers he originally gave you.

Learn a New Skill Together

To celebrate your ever growing and developing relationship, spend your anniversary date night taking a class or workshop together. If you like art, take a pottery class and learn to throw clay on the wheel together. Also, romantic class ideas include a baking or cooking class or an acting workshop. If you take a cooking class, re-create the meal you made in class at home for a romantic anniversary dinner.

Lock Yourselves Away

Everyday activities, your jobs and the needs of your children can pull you and your partner apart. Instead of heading out on the town for your anniversary date, send your children to a sitter’s, and lock yourselves in the bedroom for the night, coming out only to answer the door for delivery.

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