Birthday Party Ideas for Your Dog
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Birthday Party Ideas for Your Dog

He is your best friend and a member of your family. He deserves a fabulous soiree for his birthday just as much as anyone else in your life. On his birthday, you can have a get-together with both his people and canine buddies. Treat him to a memorable party that is safe and fun for everyone.


When you start to plan your dog party, put together a guest list that includes friends, family as well as other pet friends. Depending on your dog’s temperament, you may want to include only other dogs who are similar to his size or open the party to other types of pets, such as cats. Large, active dogs may be best suited with others who can run around with them.


If you have space for your guests to sprawl and play, such as a large, confined backyard, you may find it easiest to host the party at your home. If you don’t want to risk the damage that could come with a houseful of pups, host the party at a local dog park. Make sure you check all the rules of the park before you arrive and let your guests know. You would hate to see anyone sent home from the party for a lack of proper registration or vaccination.


A party’s not a party without a cake, but human food can be dangerous, if not lethal, for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It may seem cute, but it could be deadly to give your pooch a nibble of your favorite birthday treats, such as cake or ice cream. Contact a local dog bakery or pet store for cake alternatives and treats for favors.

Play Time

Keep the dogs and human companions occupied with games. In addition to some mingling time, dogs will enjoy structured activities. Lead them through an obstacle course in your backyard. Throw plastic discs or balls and see who can go the furthest or jump the highest. Have a talent show to see who can perform the best trick. Now is a good time to introduce a new toys, maybe the one you got him for his birthday, but make sure you have activities for everyone.


Make safety a priority when you have all the dogs together. Invite only ones who your dog has had interaction with in the past or with whose owners you have a good relationship. Make sure you trust the owners and their discipline styles. Dog-proof your home in the same way you would for small children. Remove medications, cleansers and other chemical or small objects from their reach.

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