Sleep with Your Pet? It Might Be a Bad Idea.
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Sleep with Your Pet? It Might Be a Bad Idea.

Do you sleep with your pet? Well, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey of pet owners by the American Pet Products Association, nearly half of all dogs sleep in their owner’s beds. Additionally, 62% of cats also sleep with their owners. What could be better than curling up next to your furry little friend and being gently awakened in the morning by a little nuzzle? For many pet owners, few things in life can top this feeling. But, is sleeping with your pet a good idea or not?

Allergies, Schmalergies

It is no big surprise that people who suffer from allergies or asthma should not sleep with their pets, or have them anywhere in their bedroom for that matter. However, upon discovering that their pets are causing allergic reactions, many pet lovers will still refuse to kick their pet out of their bed. The best solution in this case is allergy shots, which would gradually help build up a tolerance for pet dander left in the bed.

Losing Sleep?

A study released by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center found that 53% of the pet owners in their study claimed that their pets disturbed their sleep in some way. If you have a pet that kicks, snores, or hogs the covers more than your spouse, then your best option may be to leave your pet out of the bedroom at night. We know you love your pet, but losing valuable hours of sleep on a nightly basis can lead to countless health problems. So, in this case, the best option for you AND your pet is to kick them out of bed. Your pet needs you to be healthy and energetic.

Your Pet Can Help You Sleep!

For those pet owners that aren’t losing sleep, having a pet join you in bed can actually lead to a better night’s rest. For some, the rhythmic breathing and general presence of a pet makes them feel more calm and safe, leading to better slumber. Having a pet in bed might even be a better cure for sleepless nights than insomnia medication – image that!

Can I Still Have Sex?

The whole notion of whether or not to be intimate with a pet in the bedroom is different for every couple. If both people are fine with it, then more power to them. However, if one person has a problem with the pet in the bedroom, then it’s important to talk it out and come to a solution. Some couples take the pet out while they are being intimate, while others give the pet a treat or toy to keep them occupied. Communicating with your partner is key here.
Additionally, try keeping your pet from physically coming in between you and your spouse at night. Touching and snuggling at night is important for a happy marriage, so don’t let your pet get in the way of that!

Kicking Your Pet Out For Good

When people finally decide to kick their pet out of their beds, for whatever reason, they often find it a much more daunting task that it seems. If you have a cat that you don’t want invading your bed, then the best solution is to keep them out of the bedroom entirely. Cats are very territorial, and when something is taken away from them, they can become destructive. But, if you must kick the cat out, give them something to do that will occupy their time at night, such as kitty toys.
As for dogs, it’s ok for them to sleep with their owners if they have no behavioral problems. But, if they are dominant or aggressive, they should not be allowed in the bed. The best way to lure the dog off the bed? Train them. Buy a doggy bed, and praise them and give them treats when they stay out of your bed. When they do try to get back in your bed, which will inevitably happen, then either don’t give them any attention or punish them lightly, with a squirt bottle of water. After a few restless nights, your dog should get the hint once and for all.

The Bottom Line

If allowing your pet to sleep with you at night is disturbing you in some way, whether it be your sleep or your love life, you have to train them to stop crawling in. It’s hard to kick the habit, but it will make you happier in the end. But if sleeping with your pet does not disturb you, then feel free to curl up with them and catch some z’s.

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