My Pet Is A Better Listener Than My Mate
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My Pet Is A Better Listener Than My Mate

Having a bad day? Forget talking to your bestie or your spouse, talk to your pet! No seriously, a poll asked pet owners to reveal who is included in their most intimate discussions, and the results are sure to get people talking: A whopping one out of three (33%) married people say their pets are better listeners than their spouse — their pets know what is going on with them emotionally better than their spouse, and doesn’t it make sense?! How many times have you had a bad day and your boyfriend, husband, or partner is totally clueless to it. But the dog? He/she knows you, right?

Talk to Them

Your pets that is: Says one member, “I talk to my pets about everything. “I know they understand. They know my moods, and when I’m not feeling well, they love to curl up next to me and help me feel better.” Another pet fan agrees: “One of them just sits and listens,” says, the other one will grunt and slap his paws around…my pets know when I am happy, sad, sick, etc.

Is Your Pet Depressed?

Can you tell when your pet is down, or sad, or sick? Who can they talk to? Would you send them to a pet vet or psychologist, or even give them an anti-depressant? According to, women were much more likely to bring their pets to a psychologist or vet if they seemed depressed. Also, more people under age 30 would do so compared to those over 65 (30% vs. 12%).

Pet Vs Spouse? Who Would You Choose?

If you had a bad day at work, a fight with your guy or if you are depressed who are you going to choose? Your pet or someone else?
It would be a toss-up whether Bill Rothschild would take a problem to his wife of 19 years or the animal he considers a pet — a palm-sized crayfish named Cray Aiken. His daughter brought it home four years ago at the end of a second grade science project.
Rothschild, 44, of Granite Springs, N.Y., considers Cray a better listener than his wife, “absolutely. She doesn’t listen worth anything.” He doesn’t get much feedback from the crustacean, but it’s been a different story over the years with family dogs and cats.

It Makes Sense

Think about it. Most of the time when we’re talking to our spouse they have a very strong opinion. A dog or cat, will just sit there and listen and if you talk out loud you’ll probably iron it out with yourself, which is a better answer anyway because then it’s YOUR answer. Don’t you ever talk out loud to yourself and figure out all your problems? It works!

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