Scrapbook Romance Ideas
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Scrapbook Romance Ideas

Scrapbooks can be a romantic gift for boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancées and spouses. Whether you have been together a short time or a lifetime, a scrapbook is a personal gift that tells your significant other that you are invested in the relationship and know him well. Any style and preference can be reflected in a scrapbook gift.


Scrapbooks are the perfect place to memorialize your treasured and shared memories. Whether you live together or far apart, the scrapbook will serve as a reminder of the foundations of your relationship. Whatever size or shape you choose, make a page or two for every significant moment of your relationship. Use archival quality materials if you are including irreplaceable items Gather mementos, such as ticket stubs, menus, letters and little souvenirs. If you don’t have any items from a particular event, order a postcard from that location or pick up a business card. You can print logos or pictures from an online search of many restaurants, festivals and other locations. Include pictures of the two of you at these events as well as your own pictures of the locations. Write specific memories you had of each, your emotions, feelings and expectations at the time.


Scrapbooks can also serve as large cards or interactive letters that express your feelings today. You can write little notes on each page telling your loved ones specifically what your adore about him or your relationship. Pages could include “I love when we talk on the phone” or “I love when you call me ‘Dear.'” You can tuck a photo of the two of you participating in your favorite activities or some of your favorite poses of you both. On pages you don’t have pictures for, add a new picture of yourself, featuring the topic of that page. For instance, if it is about you on talking on the phone, have someone take a picture of you holding your phone to your ear. If you are apart, you can take pictures of yourself at certain places and remind him that you wish he could join you.


Express your confidence in your shared future in the pages of a scrapbook. Share your own personal hopes for the future as well as your shared plans. Take pictures of the town you hope to live in someday. Include pictures of places you want to visit. Gather pictures of features you love about one another, such as eye colors or dimples, and include the pictures with notes about what you hope or expect your children to look like. Make sure that you both secure in your relationship before putting together a gift like this. Those in a committed relationship can enjoy dreaming about the future, but those in a new or casual relationship might feel they are bring stalked or hounded by such a gift.

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