Most Popular Family Board Games
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Most Popular Family Board Games

Along with providing hours of family fun, board games are intellectually and emotionally stimulating for children. As Scholastic reports, playing board games with your children helps them develop their mental skills and teaches them the basics of cooperation. Instead of spending yet another night glued to the flashing lights on the TV, trade this sedentary leisure activity for a rousing family game and allow your children to reap the benefits.


Checkers is a simple and classic game for young and old. This two-person, strategic board game is a great choice for young game players as the rules are easy-to-follow. Games are short, so even those with limited attention spans can likely stick it out through an entire game.


Chess is a slightly more complex game for gamers who have developed a higher-order logic and skill. This game is a natural choice after standard checkers, as it is played on an identical board. Once children have mastered the art of checkers, they can expand their horizons by learning the pieces and movements of standard chess.

Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is a popular family game as it requires little knowledge and few complex reasoning skills. This game, which can be played with a group of up to six people, requires players to move across the board while trying to land on promoting ladders and avoiding the demoting chutes.


Monopoly is a classic game of real estate ventures. This popular family game allows players to try their hands at being tycoons and building empires. Players purchase properties and charge other players for landing on these owned pieces of land. A Monopoly game does take an extensive amount of time to complete, so some families may prefer to spread play out onto multiple nights.


Clue is a problem-solving game that gives players the chance to act as a detective and solve a murder. Players move through a mysterious mansion and gather clues that tell them who committed the murder, where it took place and what weapon was used to commit the crime. The thrill of the chase makes this a game with lasting popularity.


Players must use their problem-solving skills and maintain a steady hand to succeed in Jenga. This game features a tower of blocks that players must remove and replace at the top without toppling the structure. Because of the simple nature of the game, children of all ages can successfully complete the task. Jenga provides players with a thrill as the tower begins to wobble, and family members sit on the edges of their seats, waiting for the blocks to rain down.

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