What Causes Low Sex Drive in Women?
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What Causes Low Sex Drive in Women?

Sexual desire is a natural part of life. When this drive suddenly wanes, however, some women become distressed, according to the Mayo Clinic. A number of factors can contribute to a low libido, including untreated medical conditions, such as diabetes or depression. No matter what causes a woman to suffer from a lowered sex drive, medical science usually can offer safe solutions to bring her mojo back to life.


The “I’m tired” response to a sexual request isn’t necessarily just an excuse for women to avoid sexual intimacy, according to the Mayo Clinic. Fatigue, especially caused by at-home responsibilities, like caring for children or aging parents, can sap a woman’s sex drive.


The hormonal changes during pregnancy, as well as potential side effects like morning sickness, can cause a lowered sex drive in some expectant moms, notes the March of Dimes. Also, fear of harming the baby can cause decreased sexual interest during this time in a woman’s life. Unless a doctor says that a woman is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, engaging in intercourse while pregnant is usually safe and can ultimately heighten closeness between partners.


Menopause not only decreases a woman’s estrogen levels and ends her childbearing years, but it also causes drier vaginal tissues, according to the Mayo Clinic. The hormonal changes can reduce or eliminate a woman’s sexual energy and also make intercourse feel painful. But menopause doesn’t have to spell the end of sexual intimacy; creams, medications, counseling and a loving partner can bring an older woman’s sexual interest back into her life.

Alcohol and Drugs

Using alcohol and drugs before sex doesn’t heighten the libido despite common misconceptions, according to the Mayo Clinic. In fact, using alcohol or drugs can sap even a healthy woman’s libido. Also, alcohol and drugs can lead to riskier sexual behavior, such as not using protection or hooking up with a man from a bar.


Depression itself can strip a woman’s sexual desire and so can some of its medical treatments, according to the Mayo Clinic and Net Doctor. Antidepressants, like Prozac and Celexa, can eliminate depression, but some ingredients reduce libido. Women experiencing clinical depression who want to try antidepressants should ask their doctors for Wellbutrin or Remeron; those types of antidepressants can treat depression and enhance sexual energy.

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