Fun Indoor Athletic Games for Big Groups of Kids
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Fun Indoor Athletic Games for Big Groups of Kids

Kids need to get up and move sometimes. When bad weather moves in, rain, hail, lightning and storms create a recipe for cranky kids and crankier adults. Whip together an active game in an indoor space and give yourself and your kids some much needed action. The next time the skies open up, you will have the perfect concoction to satisfy even the wiliest kids.

Activity Level

Depending on how many kids you have and how much space you have, your indoor games can be as wild or as calm as possible. If you don’t have the room for children to run far or fast, institute a rule that everyone must speed walk, walk backward, crawl or make some other restricted movement. Little baby steps or long strides are other ways to slow kids down. Have them pretend to be certain slow animals, such as elephants or manatees. If you have a school full of kids, you can play a game that requires sitting or limits groups of kids to certain areas with netting or masking tape on the group.


Many indoor games work with just a few kids and their friends. Pull these ideas out when your kids have a playdate on a stormy day. Others work on a large scale in schools or daycares. If you have a number of classrooms needing an activity at the same time, break them into groups and have each group move from one activity station to another.


Use light, soft alternatives to sports equipment. You may want soft foam or plastic balls that don’t have a lot of weight to them. This limits a kid’s ability to whip it across the room and hit your favorite lamp or another child. Beach balls are great for bouncing from child to child. Use plastic goal posts or pins that will fall or bend under the pressure of an excited kid.


Use a room with a lot of space. Covered porches are ideal for a handful of kids in a rainstorm. If lightning, wind or hail threaten further damage, bring the kids into the living room or family room, with the furniture moved. Push the desks against the wall in a classroom or clear the gym of tables, if you are in a school.


Clearly explain the rules to the kids before the games begin. Include quiet voices in the rules, which will allow you to encourage safe practices even amongst the excitement. Delineate the rooms where your children should play the game, to avoid any kids straying or hiding in dangerous areas.

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