Activities for a Teenage Birthday Party
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Activities for a Teenage Birthday Party

It can be difficult to decide whether to plan activities for a teenager’s birthday party. Some teens prefer to be left alone at the party, while others really need a push to get everyone together. Talk to your teen about what she wants to do for her party, so that you can begin to plan it.


Planning activities could keep the energy of the party flowing. If it’s a mixed sex party, it can help to get the boys and the girls interacting with each other. When you plan the activities, you can supervise the children more in an attempt to discourage them from playing games like Spin the Bottle or 10 Minutes in Heaven.


Games like a scavenger hunt or charades may be a good option, as can certain board games, like Pictionary. You don’t have to stick with these classics, though. You can also rent movies for the kids to watch–marathons of similar movies are fun for a sleepover–or plan the party at a video game center. While most teens would find magicians or clowns too babyish, you can still hire entertainment. Think about bringing in someone to do makeovers or lead the teens in a craft like scrapbooking or jewelry making.

Time Frame

Activities for a teenage birthday party needn’t last the whole party. Most teens are happy to socialize with each other, gossiping or playing video games. Try planning activities to last about half of the party.


Not having the right plan could prompt a teen meltdown. Ask your teen what she wants to do at the party and shop with her to buy the necessary items. If she needs to watch a special movie, it’s smart to get the movie well in advance, lest the rental company rent it to someone else. You may also want to stock up on craft supplies if you’re going to do crafts. Consider having a few extra activities on hand in case the kids get bored.


To see the types of birthday parties that other teens are having on TV, you may think that you have to spend thousands of dollars to make your teen happy. This isn’t true. If you’re holding the birthday party in an outside location, such as a game center or spa, expect to pay at least $30 per teenager. You can also rack up high costs if you rent fancy equipment for your home–things like slushy machines and photo booths can quickly add up. To avoid extra costs, keep things low key. Play games you already have, and rent a movie.

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