How to Reward Your Child for Good Behavior
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How to Reward Your Child for Good Behavior

Rewarding your child for good behavior is one of the best ways to encourage him to behave well. Some parents may feel that rewards are bribes, but it does not have to feel that way. Rewards can encourage your child to behave in the way that you prefer, while discouraging him to behave in ways you don’t like. The key to successful rewards at any age is to create a system that works for your child.

Step 1

Talk to your child and come up with ideas of everyday behavior that you might reward. These will depend on the age of your child. Some examples include finishing homework, cleaning up after dinner, putting toys away and feeding the family pet. Having your child’s input on these will help participation.

Step 2

Create a chart of good behaviors. In the first column, place the desired behavior on each row. Then, create many small columns alongside this, making each square the size of a sticker.

Step 3

Place a sticker in each box as she completes the task. Let her select the type of sticker she wants.

Step 4

Add the stickers up for bigger rewards. You can offer larger rewards, such as a new video game or going out for ice cream, after your child receives a certain number of stickers. The “bigger” the reward, the more stickers he should have to earn to get it.

Step 5

Reward your child for items outside the list. You’ll notice your child behaving well in areas not specifically on his list, such as sharing with a friend or listening well when a guest is speaking. Give her a reward for these types of behavior as well.

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