Depression & Low Sex Drive in Women
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Depression & Low Sex Drive in Women

How often you want to have sex can vary from once a week to once a day, which is a normal range for women, according to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. If you have a sudden decrease in your normal desire for sex, it may be because of a physical or a psychological reason. Depression is one cause for low sex drive in women.

Depression and Sexual Desire

Depression can have a profound effect on your desire for sex, according to the Third Age website. In fact, as many as 75 percent of people who have depression also report a lowered sex drive. If you are feeling out of sorts and can’t seem to feel yourself, you may have depression. If so, you should seek professional help. Many treatment methods are available for depression. When your depression improves, your first sign of recovery could be a renewed interest in sex.

About the Brain

The reason for the link between depression and sexual desire is the brain, which is where sexual desire starts, according to WebMD. Neurotransmitters, which are chemicals in the brain, can trigger blood flow to your sex organs. When you have depression, your brain chemicals are imbalanced and do not work properly.

Problems with Antidepressants

Ironically, drugs that doctors prescribe for depression–SSRIs, MAOIs and tricyclics–can cause sexual dysfunction. Some women report having a delayed orgasm or even an inability to achieve orgasm, while on these drugs. Other sexual problems are an inability to initiate or enjoy sex and a decreased sexual desire.

Remedies for Antidepressants

Some ways doctors try to remedy the negative effects antidepressant drugs may have on your sexuality are to reduce the dosage of your medication, change your medication or take you off antidepressants. Other doctors are experimenting with prescribing Viagra for people on antidepressants. Another remedy you can try is to take ginkgo biloba, which can help people who are on Paxil and some other antidepressants, according to the Third Age website.

Depression and Normal Sex Drive

Depression is not the only reason people may have a decreased sex drive. An illness, disease, stress or anxiety could be causing the problem. And, while it is true that many people do lose interest in sex when they are depressed, sometimes depressed people have normal sex lives, according to the Net Doctor website. Sex may be the only thing that gives depressed people some comfort or joy.

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