Laser for Stretch Marks
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Laser for Stretch Marks

Pregnancy causes your body to experience many changes. Some changes, like stretch marks, can remain long after you give birth. Stretch marks may cause cosmetic concerns, but they are harmless and don’t require medical intervention, according to the Mayo Clinic. Although these marks normally fade over time, you may want to minimize their appearance with laser therapy. Laser therapy uses light to stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin. This type of treatment may help fade your stretch marks.

Step 1

Make an appointment for a consultation with a licensed cosmetic surgeon. Although some non-medical clinics often perform laser therapies, medical professionals possess the correct training and credentials to help you choose the best treatment for your stretch marks.

Step 2

Ask to see before and after pictures of patients with stretch marks similar to the size and location of your marks. This may help you understand what type of results you can expect with laser treatment. Discuss your expected outcome and ask your doctor whether he plans to perform a single treatment, or if he thinks your condition may require multiple laser treatments to obtain the desired effect.

Step 3

Schedule your first treatment as soon as possible. Laser works best on new stretch marks. Wear loose clothing to your appointment to avoid friction and pressure on the treated areas. Ask your doctor to use a topical anesthetic to minimize the sensation of the laser treatment. Schedule a follow-up visit to have your doctor examine your treated areas to determine the effectiveness of your laser treatment and the possibility of additional treatments. You may require numerous treatments, depending on the age and size of your stretch marks.

Step 4

Protect your treated areas from exposure to sunlight. Cover your skin with clothing or sunscreen, especially during the first few months after treatment. Expect to see the results of your laser treatment after your skin has time to renew itself. Look for signs of improvement after about three months. Your doctor may advise more laser treatments, or suggest other options, if your skin does not show significant improvements after a few months.

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