Birthday Party Ideas for a 14-Year-Old Boy
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Birthday Party Ideas for a 14-Year-Old Boy

Planning a party for a 14-year-old boy is a balancing act as you have to satisfy the part of him who is still immature and the part of him who wants freedom and is maturing. Your son has probably started high school recently, or soon will, which might make him feel more pressure to host a fun or cool birthday party.


Your son may want a coed party, depending on how mature he is and how into girls he is. If he wants a coed party, plan something that gives the teens a little bit of room to mingle without giving them an opportunity to get into trouble. Public parties, such as at an amusement park, bowling alley, movie theater or skating rink, are ideal for a 14-year-old boy’s coed party.


Simple parties that have an activity or entertainment built-in can save you hassle and time. Hire an entertainer, such as a comedian, who frequently works with teens to put on an age-appropriate show for your son and his friends. Consider an entire little workshop where the boys can write jokes and perform for each other as well. Pizza, or your son’s favorite food, at a local arcade is another option that will keep the boys entertained and celebrate your son’s special day in an easy way.


Keep your son and his friends busy with an active party if he seems to never sit still. Take the boys to a skate park, and hire a professional skater to give them some lessons and teach them new tricks. Have extra boards and safety pads on hand–or see if you can rent them–for any boys who might not have their own. Paintball or squirt guns can provide hours of fun and tire the boys out, particularly if you pair the simple activity with a structured game, such as capture-the-flag.Sports

Build the party around your 14-year-old’s favorite sport or team. If his birthday falls during the season, consider taking your son and a couple of his closest friends to see a game or throw a party on game night. If it’s off-season, or if your son prefers to play than watch, set up a friendly game between your son and his friends. Set up concession stands with food, drinks and snacks, such as popcorn, nachos, hamburgers, cotton candy and any other treats that your son enjoys. Set up little bleachers for the parents to watch, if they want, or make cardboard cutouts of fans.


Use a theme for the birthday party if your son is obsessed with something particular, such as a video game. Put together an all-night video game tournament where the teens can play each other to see who is best or team them up against each other. Ask your son’s friends to bring their games or rent extra consoles and games to have enough for everyone.

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