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Surviving Senior Year on a Budget


My son is now a senior in high school.  During the summer I started to think about the upcoming school year, planning for the fact that this would be the most expensive school year there is!  As I have navigated my way through the first few months I thought I would share with you some of the tips I have learned to help save money.

Class Rings

They can be expensive!  I did not even get one when I was a senior because I knew I would never wear it.  But if your child really wants it, rather than shopping with the more expensive companies (names omitted so I don’t get angry e-mails 🙂 visit Walmart.com – Yes I said Walmart!  They have a large selection of class rings, in fact they had more choices then the catalog my son was sent home with.  And, depending on what style you like, the prices are significantly cheaper.  You can See all Jewelry & Watches from Walmart here.

Graduation Announcements

If you really want to get crafty you could make your own.  My local scrapbook store even has stickers with my son’s school name and logo on them.  But, if you want to stick with the pre-printed ones I have a suggestion.  Don’t order the name cards!  The company that my son’s school is using offers announcements for about $1 each, but you then have to buy a minimal of 50 name cards for $25.  All they are are pieces of paper with the child’s name on them that go inside.  I know I can make them for next to nothing,

Senior Pictures

They are so expensive!!!  My son’s school said if you want a senior picture in the yearbook you have to visit XYZ photographer.  That is fine, paid $20 for the sitting fee and a nice picture was taken that will appear in the yearbook.  But, the cheapest portrait package was over $200!  Instead go to JCPenneys, Sears, Walmart or The Picture People and get just as nice pictures for a fraction of the price, especially if you use coupons!  Click Here to print out a great coupon from The Picture People that expires 10/31.

Clothing for Dances

Always look for deals!  My son needed a new pair of black pants so we headed off to Sears with our $10 off $20 coupon.  Click Here to print one for yourself.  Kohl’s has been coming out with a lot of the same value coupons.  Buy ahead of time if you know there is a dance coming up.


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