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Welcome to Give Me 10!

Thank you for visiting! If your life is crazy busy, and you’ve got a million balls in the air, you’ve come to the right place. “Give Me 10! The 10-minute solution to find balance and reach your goals” is all about finding creative ways to sneak in time for your own personal hopes and goals amidst the chaos of a busy day.
Why 10 minutes? Well, that’s all about as long a span of free time we get in a day. Usually we use these moments of calm to check email or empty the dishwasher. “Give Me 10!” offers an alternative – rather than using that time to pay a bill (ick!), we can use those brief windows to “advance the ball” on our own goals – and eventually reach them…
It just takes a bit of creativity and persistence.
“Wait, I can’t even think of a personal goal,” you say? Well, now’s the time. It may be something that’s been sitting at the bottom of your to-do list forever, or something you think of every so often and daydream, “I always wish I had learned to…” or “I wish I still had time to…”
As you get in the habit of looking for 10-minute opportunities, you’ll see how far 10 minutes can go. Here are a few things I did in just10 minutes a day for one month…
– Started and FINISHED that month’s book club book
– Created a women’s charitable organization that now has more than 100 participants
– Started playing the piano again after almost 20 years
– Worked out more
– Cleaned and organized the garage
I hope you’ll visit again, and share your own advice, too — we’re all in this together!

Check in for…
– Tips and tricks on how to find 10 minutes
– Ways to simplify the rest of life so there’s more time for 10-minute goals
– Stories of people who overcame the pressures of life to reach their own goals
– Successes and failures as I take on my own 10-minute goals.

If you’re ready to get started, this is all you do — think of something (or a couple things) you’d like to fit into your day, and promise yourself you’ll spend just 10 minutes a day on each of them. Care to put them out in the universe? Post them here, or log them at www.GiveMe10.info  (then select “YOUR goals” at the far right).

…You’re on your way!

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