What Is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery?
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What Is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery?

Almost everyone has some area of her body that she doesn’t like. Not many people are willing to go far enough to change it with cosmetic surgery, though. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to change the areas you don’t like, the cost is probably one of your biggest concerns. Costs can vary from medical practice to medical practice, so it is smart to compare your options.


When getting cosmetic surgery, several aspects go into the cost. The largest is going to be the cost you pay to the surgeon who does the procedure. However, you’ll also have to factor in other costs. Anesthesia can be costly if you require it for your surgery–and you probably do. You’ll also have to pay for hospital fees, medication and medical tests. Depending on the type of surgery, you may need special clothing post-surgery. You are responsible for this.


The general cost for cosmetic surgery depends largely on the type of surgery that you want to get. For example, as of 2010, lip augmentation costs around $2,000, while a lower body lift costs more than $7,000. A breast lift costs around $4,500 and implants cost about $1,000 less than that. A tummy tuck costs a bit more than $5,000 and a nose job costs almost $4,500. These are average costs reported by the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery. You will find that the costs also vary by location and by doctor.


If you cannot afford to pay the cost of your cosmetic surgery upfront, you may be able to finance it. Typically, the surgeon who performs the surgery will have an in-house financing department that allows you to make monthly payments toward your surgery. Note that you will likely have to pay interest rates if you finance your surgery, so factor that into the cost.


In rare cases, your health insurance may pay for cosmetic surgery. This only happens when your doctor determines that there is a medical problem that can be solved through the surgery. For example, breast reduction could help with back pain if you have large breasts. If you’ve lost a lot of weight and the flap of skin on your stomach gets a rash or harbors mold, you may be able to have insurance cover a tummy tuck.


In some cases, the exchange rates and lower costs of living make it more affordable to travel internationally for your cosmetic surgery. The cost of travel and surgery is less than the cost of surgery alone in the states. However, you should always do proper research ahead of time to ensure that the clinic you go to is up to date with its licenses and qualifications. If you find a price that seems like too good of a deal, it probably is.

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