Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls
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Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls

Like it or not, a 10-year-old girl’s birthday is the beginning of the dreaded preteen and teenage years. Boys, clothes and long phone calls will likely pepper your life with drama starting soon and into the next decade or so. If your culture includes a formal ceremony, use this birthday as an opportunity to celebrate her entrance into womanhood. The teen years won’t last long. They will soon melt into her lifelong adult years. Celebrate with style.

Preparing for Womanhood

Most young girls can’t wait to be women. Take advantage of their eagerness and of this party to prepare them for womanhood which will come sooner than any of you anticipate. Invite a local makeup artist or cosmetician to come to your party and give makeovers. Instead of giving the girls a rock star look, show them how to apply makeup demurely and properly. If you have a fashion school nearby, contact them about hiring a student for the afternoon to give a presentation on clothing styles and stylish, classic looks.

Gracious Guests

Now is the time to be picky about the guests you invite. To put on a sophisticated soirée, you need to be surrounded by her friends and peers that will support the mission. Conveniently leave off the guest list anyone who will bring unneeded drama. Now is the time to teach giggly girls how to be women. Invite friends who are close to your daughter and who will enjoy the time.

Sophisticated Style

Your party can range in elegance from an afternoon tea to an evening dinner. Decorate your home or a private room in a restaurant with doilies, linen napkins, fancy tablecloths and china. You may even read some selections or have some slips of paper at each setting, explaining proper etiquette. While you can’t control the giggles, you can control the general ambiance and make it one of refinement and respect–at least for now.

Grown-Up Gourmet

Give your meal a grown-up upgrade. Instead of cheeseburgers and french fries, have sliders and sweet potato fries. Instead of pizza, try mushroom or spinach flatbreads. Try a multicourse meal. Show the girls how to use the utensils around their plate. Dessert may be a fancy upgrade to a traditional cake. Try a red velvet or German chocolate with shavings or edible flowers.

Quality Gift

Give your daughter a gift she will remember. A piece of jewelry or a special fixture for her room will help her remember this memorable birthday party. Encourage her grandparents, aunts or other concerned adults to purchase savings bonds or other long-term investments that will help her in adulthood.

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