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Exercises to Help With Longer-Lasting Sex

Women and men alike may worry about just how long sexual intercourse lasts, according to both the Men’s Health and the Ask Men websites. Most men, however, can only actually engage in intercourse for about five to 10 minutes. Trying exercises that strengthen the overall body and mind as well as the pubic regions can prove beneficial to enhancing sexual ability among men and women, according to MayoClinic.com.

Kegel Exercises

While medical professionals, such as those with the Mayo Clinic, often recommend Kegel exercises for women, men can also benefit from strengthening their pelvic floor muscles with these types of routines, according to Ask Men. Sex can be much more pleasurable and last longer if both partners have strong pelvic muscles.

Women clench and unclench their muscles as if they were stopping urine midstream to complete their Kegel exercises. Men performing Kegels can do the same thing with their genitals, but they must be especially careful not to use the abdominals instead of the actual pelvic floor muscles. Some men might need to insert a clean finger gently into the rectum to determine the proper muscle to clench and unclench to make this sexual stamina exercise truly effective, according to Ask Men.

Members of both genders can benefit from performing five-to-10 second sets throughout each day.


Perhaps the best exercise to make sex last longer is to immediately have intercourse once again after the first round, according to the Men’s Health website. Even men with medical issues around sexual dysfunction have noticed that they last longer during the second round, notes the publication. Also, over time, both partners may mutually learn how to make their bodies last longer the first time they make love.

Change Positions and Mindset

A man should think of his woman’s pleasure first when making love, notes both Men’s Health and Ask Men. Practicing this important mental and physical exercise in the bedroom can literally take some pressure off a nervous man. Once he gives his mate an orgasm, he may feel victorious and last even longer than usual, once it is his turn.

The woman-on-top position is not only a great physical and romantic workout, but it can help ward off potential premature ejaculations. Women deciding to go “cowgirl” should be careful not to injure their partners and keep the speed moderate to lengthen the amount of time intercourse itself lasts.

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