Low Sex Drive Cure for Men
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Low Sex Drive Cure for Men

Sex drive in men can fluctuate, causing many men to notice a decrease in their desire for sex. Like women, men can experience conditions that may temporarily reduce their libido. Your mate’s lack of interest may cause you to feel concern and frustration. Many conditions resolve over time, allowing your mate to return to his previous level of sexual interest. Helping your mate find a cure for his lagging sexual appetite requires determining the underlying cause of his disinterest.

Determining the Cause

Both physical and emotional stress can reduce your mate’s level of sexual interest. Consider recent life changes, illnesses or medications that may negatively affect his libido. Persuade him to cut back on excessive responsibilities that interfere with his ability to enjoy sex. Encourage him to participate in relaxing and enjoyable activities to take his mind off his problems. See that he gets adequate amounts of sleep and relaxation. Changing his current medication may help resolve his problem.

Nutritional Considerations

The glands that control men’s sexual function require specific nutrients. The nutrients in certain foods can help his endocrine, pituitary and adrenal glands produce healthy levels of sex hormones. Encourage your husband to consume foods high in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E, such as whole grains, nuts, bananas, leafy greens, fruits and beans.

Self-Help Practices

In addition to eating a healthy diet, reducing certain substances may help increase his interest in sexual activities. Encourage him to eliminate or cut back on alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. These substances contain ingredients that may negatively affect his libido. Incorporate exercise into your couple time to get the hormones flowing and promote energy.

Professional Treatments

A continued decrease in your mate’s sex drive may require a visit to his doctor. His doctor may want to test your husband’s hormone levels to help determine the cause of his decreased sex drive. A testosterone patch or gel may increase his libido, while professional counseling can help him deal with issues that affect his sexuality.


Avoid experimenting with over-the-counter products that claim to increase the libido. These products may contain herbs and untested ingredients that may cause illness. Have your husband discuss these products with his doctor to ensure they contain safe ingredients.

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