1st Birthday Party Games
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1st Birthday Party Games

A baby’s first birthday is cause for celebration. Keep in mind, however, that babies get overstimulated with too many guests or too long a celebration. Plan a laid-back afternoon in the park with a few family members and friends or a backyard garden party with snacks and fun activities. If several babies, toddlers and children will attend, set up some simple, unstructured party games to make the day special.


Party games for 1-year-olds tend toward simple activities such as popping soap bubbles or crawling through blanket forts. While babies cannot participate in classic party games such as musical chairs or Simon Says, other young guests may enjoy these activities. Other festive activities include dressing up in costume, bouncing balloons, getting faces painted, splashing in water and having a tea party.


Most baby party games have few to no rules, and no defined ending. Activities tend toward silly and fun, rather than competitive, such as crawling through an obstacle course. Simple activities include Clean Up Your Backyard, in which you stretch a string across the floor or the ground and give babies several beach balls to roll to the other side of the string. Put on music for a dance party, or have babies recite sounds into a microphone for miniature karaoke.


Baby party games keep the mood light and festive. Give every player of a game a prize that keeps the fun going, such as large bouncy balls, stuffed animals, blocks or water toys.

Time Frame

Games at a 1st birthday party will not last more than a few minutes. Keep various toys and supplies out so that young guests can travel between activities. In general, messy party games, such as playing with sand, water, clay, paint or shaving cream, interest babies for a longer time.


Some party games make the event more memorable. For example, entertain adult guests with a baby trivia game, seeing who knows the most about the guest of honor. Give nonbaby party guests disposable cameras to shoot photographs during games and you have materials for a commemorative scrapbook.

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