New Year’s Party Games for Kids
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New Year’s Party Games for Kids

Ringing in the New Year is more than just an adult celebration. Kids want to be a part of the party, too. Include your kids in this year’s festivities–whether you’re celebrating at home with a party that includes family and friends, or you are just planning a small party with members of your household. Come up with games to help keep children engaged in the New Year’s spirit.

New Year, New You

New Year’s is a special time for adults as they look forward with a fresh outlook and plan to make changes in their lives in everything from their careers to their diets. The holiday is one for friends and family to remember the year that’s passing and welcome new things in the one to come. Games can help kids understand the renewal concept.

Time For Games

Kids become bored easily, and their boredom can lead to whining and complaining that’s sure to affect the mood of your New Year’s party guests. Don’t let kids go a moment without having an activity to do during your party. Schedule back-to-back games and activities, with several breaks for kids to enjoy snacks and do bathroom time. When children arrive, supply them with New Year’s themed coloring pages from websites like Apples 4 Teachers and Coloring Book Fun. When the majority of the guests arrive, let the games begin.


Play the “My Funny Resolutions” game. Let children try and come up with funny New Year’s resolutions. Let each child present her resolution, and have the adults select the funniest ones.

Noisemakers are widely used on New Year’s by children and adults. Family Education, a parenting website, suggests gathering materials, such as empty soda cans, cardboard paper, colored paper, rice, dry beans, dry seeds, colored paper, tape, glue, stickers, markers and crayons to create noisemakers. Kids can decorate them to fit their personalities. Instruct kids to decorate a piece of colored paper, and then wrap it around their can, securing it with glue. They can fill the soda can with the rice, beans and seeds. Use the cardboard paper to cover the top of the soda can and to prevent items from falling out. Once dry, children can begin using their noisemakers to ring in the New Year. Let kids vote on the best noisemaker.

Get kids geared up for a game of indoor volleyball using balloons. Since you’ll likely incorporate balloons into the decor of your New Year’s party, this practical game requires few supplies. Provide kids with enough space to play without breaking items in your home. Opt for silver, gold, white or black balloons to fit a New Year’s theme.


With their kids off having fun, your New Year’s party guests can relax and enjoy themselves. Giving kids games to play as they prepare to ring in the New Year will keep them occupied, while parents celebrate with drinks, conversation and games of their own.

Put Sleepy Kids To Bed

Staying up until midnight isn’t practical for most younger kids. Anticipate that younger guests may become cranky before the night is over. Consider setting up an area in your home where kids can sleep if they become too tired after playing New Year’s party games. Make the sleep area comfortable with blankets, pillows and stuffed toys.

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