Outside Winter Games for Kids
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Outside Winter Games for Kids

Even when the weather outside is frigid, children can still enjoy outside winter games. Kids need exercise and entertainment, even during the frosty months of winter. Although outdoor play may not last as long in the winter as it does in the summer, it’s important to incorporate some outdoor games in your children’s winter weekend schedule. Bundle up, and get ready for some fun.

Get Geared Up for Cold Weather

Layers, layers and more layers are the best way to keep your children warm during outdoor winter games. First Trek, a kids outdoor equipment store, suggests wearing polyester thermal underwear as the first layer. Other appropriate winter attire includes hats, gloves, scarves, coats and boots with double layers of socks and sweaters. Richard Judelsohn, a pediatrician, suggests protecting uncovered areas such as the nose and around the eyes with petroleum jelly to prevent the skin from becoming irritated from the cold weather.

Benefits of Winter Games

Physical activity is important for keeping kids fit, so it’s important for them to remain active, regardless of the season. Although many parents believe that playing in cold weather can make their children sick, the effect of outdoor play in the winter is just the opposite. Education, a website dedicate to learning, suggests that outdoor air is healthy and prevents children from getting the germs that are indoors and may lead to viruses or other sickness.

Winter Games

A game of tag can keep kids active and warm during outdoor winter activities.

Gather supplies such as bird seeds, fruit and vegetable slices, food coloring and empty bottles with pumps to create mosaics in the snow. Combine the food coloring with water to create “paint.” Children can use sticks to draw a picture and then use the supplies to give the picture some color.

When there’s snow on the ground, children can make snowmen, sled or organize a neighborhood snowball fight.

Timed Winter Play

Because children can enjoy the outdoors in any weather and rarely pay attention to the temperatures of their bodies, you may have to encourage your child to come in and warm up. He may also need a reminder when he’s been out in the cold too long, especially in extreme cold or when it’s snowing.

Winter Safety Tips

Find out the temperature before you let your child step outside of the house for winter games. According to Web MD, if the temperature is more than 20 degrees below zero, it’s not safe for children to be outside.

Just as it’s important for children to stay hydrated during outdoor play in hot summer months, proper hydration is also essential during the cold months, according to First Treks. Feed kids a nutritious, hearty meal or snack before they head outdoors; it will help keep their bodies fueled.

Teach children to look for signs that their bodies are getting too cold. Such signs include chattering teeth, numbness in the fingers, toes, feet and arms.

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