The Best Love Match for Cancers
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The Best Love Match for Cancers

The Cancer woman is devoted to her home, family and lover, which can sometimes seem smothering, but she simply has a desire to protect. Cancers are known for being sensitive and reluctant to share their feelings. My Daily, a horoscope website, cites that a Cancer’s biggest weakness is the fear of repeating past mistakes in his present life. Nurturing and careful, Cancers are picky when it comes to love, but once they find a mate, their loyalty and sexiness shine through.

Finding Love Through the Zodiacs

When looking for love, many individuals direct their attention to the zodiac to determine which signs they are best paired. Connecting emotionally, sexually, spiritually, physically and financially are important factors that play a large role in how signs are paired.

What Is It About Pisces Men?

Described as sensitive and creative, the Pisces man is a good friend to the woman he falls in love with. Often cited as a compatible mate for the Cancer woman, he’s often celebrated for his giving nature and his selflessness. He’s mysterious and can sometimes be indecisive.

When Cancer and Pisces Get Together, It’s Magic

When a Cancer woman and a Pisces man get together, they form a magical chemistry. The Ganesha Speaks website reports that the two complement each other in most ways and form a strong bond.

My Daily cites that there is something about the Pisces man that makes him appear wounded, but in an attractive way. His wounded nature is an ideal match for the Cancer woman’s nurturing tendencies.

Dangers for Cancer and Pisces

While a Cancer and Pisces match is one with great promise, just like any other relationship, there are areas where the two may struggle.

Both signs can have moody natures at times, and dealing with each other’s mood swings can become problematic. While the Pisces man will take time alone to sort through his emotions, the nurturing nature of the Cancer woman makes her go seek the Pisces man out to encourage him to share how he’s feeling. This may come off as nagging and annoy the Pisces man.

When it comes to money, he likes to spend, and she likes to save, so the pair have to work together to handle money matters in the household and find an even ground.

Other Compatible Zodiac Signs

If a Pisces man doesn’t suit your fancy, there are several other compatible signs you may consider dating. A Cancer is also often successfully matched with a Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.

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