Diet Tips for Winter
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Diet Tips for Winter

When hot summer nights turn to fall, more revealing clothing can tempt you to not follow your diet. However, when those winter months are finished, you may find yourself wondering what in the world you were thinking. You can maintain your healthy figure throughout the winter months by following some easy winter diet tips.

Stay Hydrated

Fluids are an important part of dieting in the winter. Once the weather turns cold, you spend more time inside, which means you are exposed to several climate-controlled environments. Dehydration can be damaging to your skin, energy level and diet. Drinking plenty of water combats dehydration. You should drink eight large glasses of water a day, according to Woman’s Day.


Just because you no longer run along the beach or go outside to play volleyball doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising all together. Brisk walking three or more times a week can help you keep your metabolism working well. Joining an indoor gym will give you a venue for exercise regardless of the outside weather. Whether you swim in an indoor heated pool, use your apartment complex workout center or walk in the cold, it is important to exercise several times a week.

Leave the Cocoa Alone

It is tempting during cold winter months to have a constant cup of hot cocoa or a cream-filled latte in your hand, but those hot drinks pack thousands of useless calories into your daily diet. A better choice is hot black tea, which not only has a fraction of the calorie count but also provides valuable antioxidants to your body. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables keeps your energy level high and reduces the chance you will become sedentary.

Carb Qualities

You don’t need to avoid carbs during cold winter months, but you should choose carbohydrates that are high in quality. Carbs are essential to your mental health, as they provide serotonin, the brain chemical that makes you feel happy. Lack of sun during winter months reduces your brain’s ability to produce this chemical, and your body craves carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkins are better choices than white rice or white potatoes. You can also choose high-quality, winter produce and vegetables such as cranberries, carrots, purple grapes and pomegranates. These are easy to find in winter months and are very nutritious.

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