5 Minute Ab Blast
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5 Minute Ab Blast

This quickie routine will forever erase any thoughts of “I don’t have time to exercise”.  Most of these exercises are Pilates based,  but I just had to throw in a couple planks!  They are the BEST for all-over conditioning.  In 5 minutes you will have hit all of your abdominal muscles- rectus abdominis (the “6 pack” upper abs), transverse abdominals (deep lower abs), and obliques (side abs). 

1. Single Leg Stretch 10 reps


Lift head and shoulders into an abdominal crunch.  Hug your left knee into your chest, hovering your right leg straight above the floor.  Switch legs, exhaling every time you switch legs.

2. Criss Cross 10 reps


Add a twist to Single Leg Stretch, exhaling every time you twist.

3. Scissors 10 reps


In an abdominal crunch, pull your right leg towards you as you hover your left leg straight above the floor.  Switch legs, exhaling every time you switch leg.

4. Toe Dips 10 reps


Lay on back, legs in tabletop, spine pressed into the floor, stomach pulled in.  Inhale, dip your right foot down toward floor feeling your knee draw away from your body.  Exhale, return to tabletop.  Switch legs. 

5. Reverse Crunch 10 reps


Same as toe dips, dipping both feet at the same time.  Inhale as you dip your feet down, exhale to return to tabletop.

6. Straight Arm Plank with leg pulses


Hold push up position for a count of 10.  Then lift right foot off of floor a few inches and pulse leg up 5-10 times.  Repeat with left foot.

7. Forearm Plank


Hold 30 seconds- 1 minute

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