Diet for Diabetics to Lose Weight
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Diet for Diabetics to Lose Weight

These days, everyone is looking for the right diet. Whether you are trying to lose weight or get healthy, you have probably been tempted by a trendy diet plan. If you have other health concerns, such as diabetes, be careful about jumping onboard a diet plan. Some diets can deprive your body of the minerals, vitamins and elements it needs to survive.


If you have diabetes and are overweight, you may find that losing weight will improve some of your diabetic symptoms. For instance, the American Diabetes Association notes that losing weight, if you are overweight, can improve high blood sugar and high blood pressure rates. You may actually see your diabetes improve with your weight loss. You will also see less strain on your knees, hips and feet.


Diabetic patients, as well as many others, benefit from small, simple changes in their diet, rather than drastic ones that eliminate large food groups. It may seem to make sense to eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from your diet, to lose weight and stop blood sugar from spiking. However, your body needs those sugars for energy. Instead of eliminating carbs, replace them with complex, fiber-filled carbs, such as whole wheat. These will process more slowly, giving you longer-lasting energy, fewer sugar spikes and less fat gain.


A simple change diabetics can make to their diet is to shrink portion sizes. Diabetics don’t necessarily need to change what they eat–just how much they eat. If you have diabetes, focus on eating from all the food groups, with small portions at a time. Instead of a large breakfast, lunch and dinner, try having five to six meals per day. Learn to listen to your body, and stop eating when you are full. Plan on another fiber-filled, protein-packed meal soon.

How Fast

Little bits at a time should be the goal of diabetics losing weight. Don’t throw your body out of whack with drastic changes since you already have important medical issues to consider. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends that diabetics try to lose one-half to one full pound per week. This will give you something to aim for and small increments that you can achieve.

Get Some Help

Before changing your diet, talk with your doctor, preferably the one who has your diabetic history. Discuss with him your weight goals and food preferences. If you have a lot of weight to lose, he may prescribe medication that will work with your new diet. Otherwise, he can recommend foods and meal plans that will help you lose weight safely.

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