Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Kids
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Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Kids

If your child is a little on the indecisive side, he may wait until just days before Halloween to choose his costume. Even though you have bargained and pleaded with him, explaining that the store will run out of costumes, he has chosen this risky path. Don’t turn this situation into a family nightmare. With a little creativity and some inexpensive props, you can pull together an outfit worthy of many treats.

Thrift Store

If your child is stuck and unable to imagine his perfect costume, head to the local thrift store, a treasure chest of costume options. Look through the old outfits for inspiration. You can be literal or creative. You may run across some old uniforms for a career-based outfit. Military uniforms, flight suits, mechanic outfits or athletic jerseys may be just the inspiration your child needs. In some cases, you might stumble upon a piece of an outfit that will inspire a creative costume. Overalls may turn your youngster into a farmer, a hobo, a railroad engineer or other hard-working fellow. All you need is a lab coat to become any number of doctors or scientists.

If you find a great dress, accessorize to help your daughter become a prom queen, dancing queen, sock hop attendee, rock star or Hollywood glamour girl.

Kids’ Closet

Stretch your mind a bit to turn your child’s closet into a world of costume options. If the weather is warm this year, pull out a swimsuit or leotard for an Olympic athlete. Let her pull a pair of sweatpants over the suit to stay warm. If it’s cool, let her bundle up as a skier or sledder. A wild outfit with a pair of sunglasses and camera transforms her into a tourist.

Your Closet

You know those bell bottoms you hope to fit into again and that sequined dress for which you were sure to have an occasion to wear. Throw off the dust and let your wardrobe come to the rescue. Let your child pull together a vintage inspired, retro outfit with some of your older stuff. Let her go as a college student in you favorite old sweatshirt and jeans. If she has high hopes of someday ruling the corporate world, pull out some of your office wear that’s a bit out of style. Those shoulder pads are little wrong for the office today, but just fine for a Halloween evening. If you work in a specific field, such as medical with scrubs, let your child play career day in your closet. You will save time, money, a trip the the store and you will encourage your child in her future plans.

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