Halloween Pumpkin Carving Games
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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Games

Halloween pumpkin carving is a fun tradition for the end of October. Adults and children alike get excited when the time comes to carve the masterpiece that will be displayed on that eventful night. Gathering everyone together and playing pumpkin carving games can add to the excitement and memories of the Halloween experience.


Having participants carve their pumpkin to look as much like themselves as possible is a fun game to play at a Halloween party. Provide each participant with a pumpkin and carving tools. Take digital photos of each participant’s face and allow him to refer to it as he carves his masterpiece jack-o-lantern. When all the pumpkins are carved, line them up, have the carver stand behind his artwork and have party guests vote on who was most successful at a self-portrait pumpkin.

Blind Carving

While carving a pumpkin with a blindfold on can be dangerous, there is a way to have a fun time with the concept. Each participant will have a pumpkin to carve. The participants will be provided blank sheets of paper and pencils. Once the blindfold is placed over their eyes, they are given two minutes to feel their way around the paper and draw the design they wish to use in carving their pumpkin. When two minutes have passed the drawing stops, the blindfolds come off, and the patterns are traced onto the pumpkins and then carved. This can provide loads of laughter as the crooked eyes, noses and mouths are carved out.

Theme Carving

Choosing a theme for a pumpkin carving party can be a lot of fun. Whether the theme is gypsies, rock stars, favorite flowers or something else, participants are told what the theme is and how long they have to carve it into their selected pumpkin. When the carving of pumpkins is completed, guests can vote on who was the most creative, who stayed closest to the theme and who carved the most unusual idea into the pumpkin.

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