Helpful Foods to Ease Morning Sickness
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Helpful Foods to Ease Morning Sickness

When morning sickness strikes, it’s helpful to have a handful of foods by your side to help calm your uneasy stomach. Eating a little bit more frequently can give you the nutrition you need and reduce your nausea. In general, you should look for bland foods that are high in carbohydrates and low in fat.


Small, salty and bland, saltine crackers are the gold standard when it comes to morning sickness. They don’t have a scent, so almost anyone can bear eating them. It’s helpful to keep small packages of saltines by your side at all time, snacking on them when you start to feel hungry. You should even have some next to your bed to eat before you even get out of bed. Try to avoid getting an empty stomach.


When you want something a bit more substantial, a bagel may be what you’re looking for. Experiment with toppings–some women have more trouble with morning sickness when eating foods with fat, like butter or cream cheese. You may need to eat your bagel plain or with jam or peanut butter.

Hard Candy

Sucking on hard candy–particularly peppermint candy–can help reduce your nausea. Additionally, purchase lollipops that are specially designed to reduce morning sickness. These often contain ginger or vitamin B-6.


A fruit smoothie can be the perfect way to get a lot of nutrition in an easily digestible format. Start with juice, milk or water as the base and add frozen fruits. A scoop of protein powder and some yogurt can turn this into a healthy breakfast.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are packed with nutrition and can act as a meal supplement if you don’t feel that you can handle any other types of foods. Their sweet taste makes you feel like you are eating a candy bar, but you don’t have to feel guilty.

Baked Potatoes

A baked potato is another bland food that can fill you up. You may want to avoid toppings, like butter or sour cream, opting for salsa or butter spray instead.

Your Favorite Food

No two women are exactly alike. You may have a favorite food that is not on this list. This may be exactly what you need to reduce your nausea, allowing you to eat other, healthier foods. Listen to your body, and eat the foods that don’t make you feel nauseous.

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