How to Tell If Pregnant With a Boy or Girl
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How to Tell If Pregnant With a Boy or Girl

Many women dream of having a diva daughter or spunky son and want to start planning for the future the minute the pregnancy test comes back positive. While the only accurate method for determining the baby’s gender is amniocentesis, there are a few ages-old methods that have been used throughout the years.

Step 1

Record the number of heartbeats per minute that can be heard during your pregnancy check-up. It is widely believed that a heart rate of 140 or more means you will have a son, while a heart rate of 139 or less points to a daughter.

Step 2

Take note of cravings. If you find that you are always looking for sweets and treats, it is believed that you are having a girl. Searching for sour and salt throughout the pregnancy is believed to be caused by a son in the making.

Step 3

Check your age and the year of conception. It is believed if your age at the time of conception as well the year of conception are both odd, you will have a girl, while a mixed bag even and odd will produce a boy.

Step 4

Dangle a ring above your belly. Tie it to the end of a string and hang the string with the ring at the bottom over your pregnant stomach. If the ring moves back and forth you will have a girl, according to the folklore. If it moves in a circular pattern, a little guy is on his way.

Step 5

Watch your step. If you are graceful and able to glide through your days during pregnancy, the story is that you will have a daughter. If, however, you find yourself becoming clumsy and bumping into things more often than before, you should expect to have a son.

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