How to Cure Morning Sickness
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How to Cure Morning Sickness

With the hormonal and other bodily changes that accompany pregnancy also, unfortunately, comes morning sickness. To some moms, morning sickness is merely a minor, and often passing, inconvenience, while for others morning sickness can be nearly debilitating. If you find yourself in the grips of morning sickness, consider some simple things you can do to remedy this problem. You can make your mornings less uncomfortable for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Step 1

Avoid food scents. Odor triggers nausea in many pregnant women. If you find that scents make your stomach turn, deliberately avoid areas full of scents, such as restaurants, coffeehouses or food courts during the hours in which you most commonly find yourself feeling ill.

Step 2

Pick bland options. While a jalapeno omelet may sound tasty, it is much more likely to induce nausea than a blander cheese-only option. Before you fill your plate with spicy foods, consider the potential implications of eating these flavorful treats. Reduce your likelihood of becoming ill by playing it safe with bland foods, during your early morning pregnancy eating.

Step 3

Down some vitamin B6. WebMD reports that vitamin B6 has been tied to a reduction in morning sickness in many women. Consider adding these supplements to your daily pill regimen. As with any medicine you consider taking when pregnant, consult your doctor before downing any of these pills to ensure that they will be helpful, not harmful, to you and the baby.

Step 4

Chew mint gum. Mint consumption is a simple way to soothe a jumpy tummy. If you find yourself nauseated, particularly while on the go, munch on some mint gum to take the edge off your queasiness.

Step 5

Tote crackers. Crackers are a faithful ally in the war against morning sickness. These bland munchies provide a stomach-filling snack that can cut down on your nausea. They are not, however, particularly flavorful, making them a safe choice for women who find their morning sickness brought on by foods rich in flavor. Pack a few of these simple snacks away and take them wherever you roam so that you are prepared to battle morning sickness wherever you may be.

Step 6

Snack throughout the day. Discovery Health reports that hunger often brings on morning sickness as stomach acids with nothing to digest can wreak havoc on your system. To avoid this, snack throughout the day, particularly right before bed, to ensure that these trouble-causing acids don’t have the opportunity to cause nausea.

Step 7

Give acupuncture a go. Acupuncture can, in some cases, alleviate morning sickness, reports WebMD. Particularly if your morning sickness persists, the alternative medicine option may be worth a try. If you do opt for acupuncture, don’t grab a box of needles and try this at home. Instead, visit an acupuncturist who may be able to stimulate your body and reduce your queasiness with her trained hands and seemingly magic needles.

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