Potty Training Techniques for Boys
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Potty Training Techniques for Boys

Many people claim that potty training boys is more difficult than potty training girls. In reality, each child will learn at his own pace. Dr. Sears notes that this rumor may have more to do with the fact that potty training typically falls upon the mother, who might be more comfortable potty training a girl. Use any method for potty training your son that works, making it fun for him.

Like Father, Like Son

Encourage your child’s dad to get in on the potty training act. Enlist the help of a big brother, cousin, uncle or other trusted male if his father is unable or unwilling to help. Ask the role model to take a weekend to work with your toddler. They can walk around in their “big boy” underwear and make frequent trips to the bathroom together. Your child will likely want to imitate Daddy, especially when Daddy says he’s proud.


Using games can actually encourage your son to urinate in the toilet and help him perfect his aim, so there’s less mess to clean up. Make a game out of urinating in the toilet. Put a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl and ask him to “sink” the toilet paper. Flushable round cereal is another ideal target. Ask him to aim for the cereal, and give him a special treat or “points” for something he wants. Assign colorful cereal different rewards if it makes it more challenging and fun for him.

Another unusual way to encourage a boy to potty is to give him a plastic bottle, such as a recycled water or soda bottle. He might find it funny to urinate inside the bottle where he can see everything that’s happening. Encourage him to dump it in the toilet when he’s done so he understands where his waste should ultimately go.


Many boys enjoy the outdoors. Let him play outside with no underpants on, but a long T-shirt or something else. Encourage him to “write” in the sand or snow. His dad or a big brother could help out here as well, even having contests to see who can write more or longer. Give him a special tree to “water” if you want to keep his urine contained to one spot. Paint a small target or simply declare the tree as his special tree.

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