Father’s Day Cake-Decorating Ideas
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Father’s Day Cake-Decorating Ideas

Every June, Americans celebrate their fathers on Father’s Day. In addition to the backyard cookout, gifts and well wishes, many fathers receive a Father’s Day cake, made by family members who want to express their love. Choosing how to decorate a Father’s Day cake can add fun to the celebration.

Decorating Contest

This decorating idea can be used for when getting several fathers together for a Father Day celebration. Families bake a cake in any size and shape they want the father to decorate. Everybody brings the cakes to the contest location, and each father will be assisted by his children. Put out many decorating tools including frosting, candies, figurines and anything else that will make it more fun. Set the timer for one hour, and tell the father/child teams to get decorating. When the hour is up, stop the clock and give out prizes for the funniest cake, neatest cake and most original cake.

Tool Cake

Whether or not the father in the family is handy with tools, tools are universally masculine and used as symbols of manhood. A tool cake for Father’s Day can complete the celebration. Frosting a cake of any shape will work as long as the top is flat. Using different colored frostings, design a ruler, a hammer and a screwdriver on the top of the frosted cake.

Pick a Sport

Decorating a Father’s Day cake to showcase the man of the hour’s favorite sport tells him that you pay attention to his interests. Making a cake and covering it with miniature figurines and other items that pertain to his coveted sport will brighten his holiday. Pair it with a Father’s Day card that has two tickets to an upcoming game to round off the day.

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