Yoga to Help Get Pregnant
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Yoga to Help Get Pregnant

Whether you have been trying to conceive a baby for years or are just starting the process, you may benefit from some regular yoga practice. Yoga helps you relax, prepare and get to know your body. It may not change any chronic fertility problems, but it may ease the process of getting pregnant if you have a normal reproductive system.

Just Breathe

One of the fundamental aspects of yoga is learning to breathe deeply and to relax through meditation, prayer or quiet thoughts. Stress is an enemy of conception. To ready your body for this change and engage in the necessary activities, you will benefit from learning to quiet your mind and balance your stress. Yoga will give you a better sense of balance and relaxation.

Allow Me To Introduce

If you are trying to conceive, you are probably talking to friends, family or experts about the best times and ways to conceive. The best source of information, however, is your own body. As you better understand your body, you will be more aware of your cycle, which informs you of your ovulation days. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and be aware of the little twinges. As you get to know your body, you can learn to hear the little signals.

Stay Fit

Healthy bodies are more likely to conceive than those that are overweight or unhealthy. If you enjoy yoga, you will be more likely to participate. As you add trying to conceive to your schedule, add your new exercise plan too. Getting healthy will only increase your chances.


Once you do get pregnant, your body will undergo a lot of changes. You will have to deal with a large belly, swollen ankles, tight joints and achy muscles. You may also find it more difficult to work out as vigorously as you like once that baby starts growing inside you. Get to know yoga now and enjoy the gentle exercise. Come to love it before you get pregnant so you will be ready once you conceive.

Group or Solo

If you benefit from a group class experience, join a local gym or yoga studio. Get to know the other women there, and share your goals. The support you find may be as useful as the exercise. If you can afford a personal trainer, ask him to show you poses that will stretch you and prepare you for pregnancy.

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