Adorable Baby Names
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Adorable Baby Names

When selecting names for their babies, many parents want a title that is just as adorable as the new addition himself. The process of name selection is highly important, as your baby will likely use the name you select as an identifier for his entire life. Before settling on your perfect baby name, consider an assortment of adorable and original options to ensure that the choice you ultimately make is a wise one.

Spicy Names

Seek inspiration from the spice cabinet when selecting your child’s name. Opt for a classic spice-inspired name, like Ginger or go instead with a more contemporary option, such as Sage. If you seek something truly original, select a name such as Cinnamon or Coriander.

Floral Options

Pick a name that embodies beauty and femininity by selecting a floral inspired name. Floral names have been popular for decades with flower-loving parents electing to name their tots everything from Rose to Hyacinth. Daisy, Violet and even Tulip are all adorable floral names that can serve as an appropriate title for your stunning new addition to the family.

Literary Names

When picking an adorable name for your tiny baby, turn to your favorite book for inspiration. Consider names suggested by famous authors throughout history. Emerson, after transcendental poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, is a multi-gender name that is increasing in popularity. Whitman provides an uncommon moniker for a new boy. And Alcott, after trailblazer Louisa May Alcott, can serve as a strong name choice for a child of either gender.

Moody Inspirations

Select a moniker that conveys the positive emotions that your new addition bought on by picking a moody name. Try classics such as Joy or Sunny, or instead go with a more contemporary mood-themed option, such as Jubulance or Delight. These uncommon names express just how blessed your addition was and may encourage the bearer to take a positive outlook on life in general.

Animal Names

Consider a name inspired by an animal as an adorably original way to name your tot. Try Colt or Fox for a boy, as both of these names convey the energetic and mischievous nature of the typical male tot. Or go with a girly animal name, such as Sparrow, that conveys the ideas of grace and beauty.

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