Boy Potty Training Tips
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Boy Potty Training Tips

Many parents believe that boys are much harder to train than girls. But, this isn’t necessarily true. Potty training boys often seems more challenging because the person usually doing the training is Mom, who clearly doesn’t have the same body parts.

Start Sitting

Teaching a boy to urinate while sitting is much easier than teaching him to use the potty while standing. If your home doesn’t have a urinal, your son will have to learn to urinate into the toilet from the standing position. Urinating into the toilet can be difficult for boys who aren’t tall enough or who don’t yet have the coordination to properly aim their stream of urine into the bowl. Standing up wto urinate can be distracting for boys and can keep them from focusing on the task at hand–being potty trained. Also, since children tend to urinate while having a bowel movement, learning to sit first can help prevent urine from getting everywhere.

Use Toilet Targets for Standing

Once your boy has mastered using the potty while sitting, you can transition him into standing. To help your son learn where to aim his stream of urine, place targets in the toilet bowl for him to aim at. You can purchase toilet targets or use pieces of cereal. Have your child stand in front of the toilet and encourage him to sink the targets with his urine stream. Reward him with a small prize when he is successful.

Get Dad Involved

Since potty training is often learned by mimicking others, having Dad get involved with potty training can be helpful. Since both males have the same parts, your son will have a clear male perspective on how to urinate into the potty successfully.

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