Relaxation Techniques to Help Get Pregnant
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Relaxation Techniques to Help Get Pregnant

Many women who struggle to become pregnant understandably become stressed about their predicament. While this response is natural, some contend that this continued internal struggle could actually leave these women babyless longer. If you are attempting to conceive and find yourself feeling anxious about the situation, consider giving some relaxation techniques a try. These techniques may not only put you at ease but may help you become pregnant.

The Importance of Relaxation

While it may seem that staying relaxed when trying to get pregnant is unimportant, Birth Psychology reports that the degree to which you are at ease plays an important part in your conception success. In some cases, women experience a physical problem that prevents conception; however, in others, no easily identifiable pregnancy inhibitor is present. Remaining relaxed while trying to become pregnant is particularly important for women who fall into this category as their body chemistry, which is controlled in large part by mood, could be a cause of their infertility.


Meditation is an effective relaxation tool both for those attempting to become pregnant as well as for individuals who are just aiming to relieve some stress. As Getting Pregnant reports, meditation has been proven to reduce levels of stress and can alleviate depression. To meditate, sit in a quiet environment with your eyes closed, relax your muscles and take deep breaths.


Women struggling to become pregnant may be able to increase the success of their attempts by visualizing success, reports To reap the benefits of this relaxation technique, you need only to lay back, close your eyes, and picture yourself succeeding in your pregnancy attempts. By doing this you can likely alleviate some stress as you allow yourself to feel that becoming pregnant is not an impossibility but instead simply a mater of time.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga and tai Chi are more active than other relaxation methods. These physical activities focus on the tensing and releasing of muscles as a physical way to eliminate stress. By practicing either yoga or the martial arts-based tai chi, women not only reap the benefits of stress reduction, but tone the muscles that they will use once they do become pregnant. As Getting Pregnant reports, spending some time practicing either of these two relaxation-based exercises may reduce your stress and lead to a successful conception.

Positive Affirmations

It is easy to become down when attempt after attempt results in failure. To reduce some of this stress and maintain a sunny disposition, recommends that women trying to get pregnant practice the process of positive affirmations. This process consists merely of repeating short positive phrases aloud. If trying to become pregnant, try phrases such as “I can become pregnant,” “Relax and it will happen,” or “It’s just a matter of time.”

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