How Can I Stop Morning Sickness?
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How Can I Stop Morning Sickness?

More than half of all pregnant women experience morning sickness at some point during their pregnancy. Morning sickness refers to pregnancy-related nausea, with or without vomiting. Morning sickness may be mild or serve. While mild morning sickness can be treated at home, severe morning sickness may require medical treatment by a doctor.

Significance of Stopping Morning Sickness

During pregnancy, many hormonal changes take place. As hormones increase to support the pregnancy, nausea and vomiting, also called morning sickness, may occur. Some women who experience morning sickness are temporarily unable to work or complete their daily routine tasks, because they feel so ill and need to be close to the bathroom. Knowing how to stop morning sickness can improve how you feel and make it possible to return to normal functioning.

Prevent Morning Sickness

The most effective way to treat morning sickness is to prevent it. Eating small, nutritious meals throughout the day can help to prevent morning sickness. Stomach acids often trigger heartburn and nausea. Having food in your stomach can help keep stomach acid under control. During pregnancy, women also become sensitive to smell. Certain smells can trigger morning sickness. Popular morning sickness trigger smells include coffee, spices and strong aromas from cooking foods. Avoiding trigger smells can help prevent morning sickness.

Stop Morning Sickness with Food

Eating certain foods can offer morning sickness relief. Sucking on lemons or lemon candies can help reduce pregnancy-related nausea. Eating ginger or ginger candy or drinking ginger ale, made with real ginger, can also be effective in stopping morning sickness. Sucking on peppermint candies or drinking peppermint tea can settle the stomach when morning sickness occurs.

At-Home Treatments to Stop Morning Sickness

In addition to modifying your diet, you can take other measures at home to stop morning sickness. Taking antacids can help reduce the nausea associated with morning sickness. As with any medications, be sure to speak to your doctor before taking them. Wearing acupressure wrist bands designed for sea sickness can also help to stop morning sickness.

When You Can’t Stop Morning Sickness on Your Own

If you can’t stop morning sickness at home or are unable to eat or keep food down, contact your health care provider. Severe nausea or vomiting can result in weight loss and an imbalance in your electrolytes, which can lead to hyperemesis gravidarum. If hyperemesis gravidarum is severe, or if you are dehydrated, you may need to receive fluids and nutrition through an intravenous line to stop the nausea and vomiting.

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