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Chocolate Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Those heart-shaped Valentine’s Day boxes filled with chocolates are a holiday staple; in fact, they’ve been around since 1860. However, if you want to stick with chocolate but make your gift a bit more creative, you’ve got lots of possibilities to choose from in the 21st century.

Chocolate Champagne Bottle

A Valentine’s Day gift of champagne may be romantic, but for chocolate lovers there is another, perhaps preferred, choice. The milk chocolate champagne bottle, sold by Oh Nuts and other companies, contains no alcohol; actually, there is no liquid at all because the bottle is hollow. Made from milk chocolate in the same size as a bottle of champagne, it comes wrapped in foil so that it looks like the real thing.

Kissing Couple Chocolate Lollipop

These molded-chocolate, kissing-couple, heart-shaped lollipops from Chocolate Vault are a particularly Valentine-appropriate choice. The lollipops are wrapped in cellophane; you can choose the color for the paper ribbon bows. Since the minimum order for these is 20, you might consider buying a small Valentine’s Day planter, inserting some green floral foam, and “planting” the lollipops by pushing a little of the stem into the foam. These chocolates are also available without the stem.


Chocolate-opoly, from Chocoholic, takes its idea from the Monopoly game and carries it out with a chocolate theme. Players buy chocolate chunks and trade them in for chocolate factories, hoping they won’t get sent to Chocoholics Anonymous or given other chocolate penalties. It’s possible to become a Supertaster, but it’s also possible you could suffer Death by Chocolate. To stave off cravings during a Valentine’s Day round of the game, you might want to present the game along with a giant heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Custom Chocolate Bars

For a personalized chocolate gift, Totally Chocolate offers custom-made candy bars, made from either milk or dark Belgian chocolate. At the company’s website you can both design the candy bar wrapper and customize the engraving on the candy bar itself. Bars are 2 inches by 5 inches with a minimum order of 100 bars. One possibility for presenting this gift is to surprise your Valentine with a dozen of these on Valentine’s Day and deliver eight more on the 14th of each month for a year.

Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate lovers don’t necessarily restrict their indulgences to candy. Chocolate cookies, including brownies, make a tasty Valentine’s Day treat. One way to present the gift would be to buy a large heart-shaped basket, line it with a pink cloth napkin, and fill it with a variety of chocolate cookies and brownies from area bakeries. If you’d like the job done for you, companies such as Mrs. Fields will send out baskets with a variety of chocolate cookies.

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