Whole Foods Recalls Cheddar
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Whole Foods Recalls Cheddar

Whole Foods Market announced a cheese recall in five Western states on Thanksgiving day. The recall is specifically for certain types of cheddar, but all kinds of cheese have been recalled this month for potentially making people sick.

Bravo Farms of California recently recalled all of its cheese, including the cheddar sold under Whole Foods' label. The company already recalled some Gouda earlier this month because of E. coli.

Twenty-five people have reported getting sick from the cheese and nine have been hospitalized. E. coli can cause diarrhea and cramps, and can even be fatal in some situations.

Bravo Farms of California reported that plant instpections also discovered evidence of listeria contamination, but no one has claimed to have gotten sick from that.

Unrelated cheese recalls this month have included gorgonzola by Mauri Brand and sold at Costco and queso fresco from a company called Del Bueno.

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