UPDATE: David Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital
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UPDATE: David Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital

Update: The Hoff says he was not drinking, it was all a misunderstanding. He said he was being treated for an ear infection so he was taking Antivert. He also is taking Antabuse, a drug that prevents alcoholics from drinking. Hoff’s peeps say the combo of drugs messed with his equilibrium. Hmm… not so sure about that.


David Hasselhoff was picked up by ambulance after collapsing at his home. Poor Hayley, Hasselhoff’s 17 year old daughter was home with him and his assistant where reportedly he was drinking loads of vodka. It appears he may have alcohol poisoning.

This is the second time his daugther has witnessed terrible behavior from her father – and the second time she has helped save him.

Please get some help, David. For the sake of your daughter if not yourself.

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