A BIG Announcement!
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A BIG Announcement!

Are you ready for it?

I could leave you in suspense….

Buuuut I won’t!

We’re moving!

Let me explain.  We have been in our house for a whole 2 years so I wouldn’t want to break our record and stay too sedentary.  Just kidding!

I would say that just seems to be what always happens to us, but I know better.  You create your life to be what is so I can’t make any excuses.  I will say, I never planned on moving this much.  The change is exciting though for us so maybe we draw it in.  As funny as it may sound I am excited to be FORCED to de-clutter.  Nothing like moving to that to ya.  After feeling like a bit of a hoarder having a moving company go through all our closets, drawers and garage, I must say I welcome the challenge.  Just let me know if you want to babysit the kids while we tackle that enormous challenge?

Not only are we moving, this time we are going out of country and leaving beautiful British Columbia, and the lovely country of Canada behind.  Where are we going?

blog post photo

blog post photo

blog post photo

In case the pictures don’t say it all, my home country- The United States of America.  I had to write it all out to sound official 😉

You may be wondering why we are moving from the wonderful city of Vancouver.  My husband was offered a great consulting opportunity, and after visiting our would-be new home for all of about 10 minutes, we decided to go for it.  I guess that is how we roll.  We don’t always do a lot of thinking when it comes to these types of things.  I’m just impressed we visited first!  When I heard where, this time visiting first was a must-do for me.  I needed to see it with my own eyes.  Unlike when I packed up and moved to BC, but that was purely for love, so how can you argue with that?

OK, so the US is a big country, and you may want to know now where exactly we are moving too?  Well, my first hint is that it is a place that was COMPLETELY OFF my radar of potential places to move to.  I’ve lived on the East Coast, and now on the West Coast, so moving to either of those too places would be just too easy.

The Mid-West it is!  Yikes!  Did I really just write that?!?  Please excuse this American born, East Coast girl because saying mid-west does scare me a little.  One thing I have learned is that different places of the world have new and beautiful things to offer, and I am open to experiencing more.

Idaho.  What Potato?  Those were my first words because that is basically all I knew, and to be honest I still don’t know much more yet.  But I will soon!

The saving grace for this girl that loves being near a city is that Spokane, Washington is pretty close by, so although I will be in the country, the city is not too far off.  Maybe the Christmas tree farm thing was meant to work out one day in the less distant future after all???

The area is truly beautiful and I’ll be back to tell you much more, but if you’ll excuse me I have to get packing.  It is a whirlwind, and I am treading hard to keep my head above water.  In fact I’ve already choked on a couple mouthfuls.  The situation is a- we want you there yesterday type of thing.  Throw in the moving to a different country part so nothing transfers, and the fact that we have a house to sell, it is enough to make your head spin.

However, I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and in Tiernan’s great advice Friday “It all works out. When you think it’s the end of the world, it’s probably just the beginning of an adventure.”

Adventure- Check!

I don’t think she had any idea how badly I needed to hear those words when she wrote them!  Am I surprised that I received that message with perfect timing?  Do I think it is a coincidence?  No.  Not at all.  Ever since I started believing exactly what I need comes my way, even though sometimes what I need surprises the heck out of me, it is always amazing.

I need to stop!  So much to do…  and many more days I can fill you in with more.  I apologize in advance if my posting suddenly becomes irregular or less substantial, but I’ll certainly do my best.  I do loooove my daily visits with you.  This blog might be what keeps me sane 😉

Lastly, I leave you with a few pictures of our soon to be new home, Northern Idaho.

blog post photo

Trees and Beautiful Lakes

blog post photo

Boats.  This was a big one for Big Brother.

blog post photo

World Class Golf – This may or may not have had a HUGE impact on my husband!

blog post photo

And a little something for me… a great place for photo ops.

New adventure Here. We. Come!

Much Love♥
Wendy Irene

Today’s question is more of a retorical type deal.  Pleeeease tell me it is all going to be OK!

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