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And the Winner of Our Mother's Day Contest Is…

Yummy Mummy aka ‘More Than An Army Wife’ is the winner of our beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Guide worth $2,000! Look at all the treats she’s getting, and find out a little about this deserving mom below…

Personalized Necklace from Helen Ficalora

Helen Ficalora Necklace

Celebrity moms including Katie Holmes and Brooke Shields cherish their personalized necklaces made by famed jewelry designer Helen Ficalora. Helen crafted a very special mother’s day necklace, with an attached star and diamond just for you. Isn’t it gorgeous? You’ll wear it everyday.

Beach Bag from Ellen Allen

Ellen Allen Beach Bag

This bag is so fabulous, you’ll want to use it everyday and not just going to the beach. It’s waterproof and scratchproof, has lots of compartments for you and your kids’ stuff and is extra-large to fit towels and lunch. In a gorgeous yellow too.

Jee Vice Oversized Sunglasses

Jee Vice Sunglasses

These are the hottest things in Hollywood right now, everybody from Katherine Heigl to Kim Kardashian is sporting Jee Vice. This is their latest line, worth $350

Manduka Yoga Gear

Manduka Gear

Starting a mindful exercise routine can do wonders for stress levels. Start it off right with new gear from Manduka, including a mat, sling and water bottle. $150

Guy and Eva Jewelry

Guy and Eva Jewelry

Not only will you get a matching set of necklace and earrings, you’ll get an additional pair of earrings too. Simple and beautiful, Guy and Eva jewelry is affordable too.

Mother’s Day Frame

Ceiva Pro

This is amazing! People can send you pictures from their computers and it will go straight into your frame! Win a year subscription plus frame from Ceiva. So cool.

About Our Winner

My husband is home this year…that is the best Mother’s Day present ever. Last year was my first Mother’s Day and my husband was deployed. We were able to talk on the phone for a little bit on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. The rest of my family did their best to make my first Mother’s Day special. However, without my husband, it was a bittersweet day.
Her story inspired us. This is what she wrote:

This year my husband is home. On Sunday, he will probably do what he does every Sunday morning. He’ll get up first and get our little boy and bring him over to our bed. I’ll hear our son giggle as he crawls towards me thinking he’s “waking up Mommy!” I’ll open my eyes and tickle him and listen to him laugh, the most wonderful sound in the world. Then the three of us will spend the next hour laying in bed and take turns playing peek-a-boo and tickle monster and all the other fun games our son loves to play with us.
Having my husband home and spending my Mother’s Day morning with him and our son is without a doubt the best Mother’s Day gift ever.


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